Why study in London?

26 November 2020

One of the most recognisable and prosperous cities in the world, London is a land of opportunity. Famous for its multiculturalism and established business sector, the city can offer all kinds of new and unique experiences. Read about why London is an amazing place to live and study below.

Reasons to study in London

With so many reasons to study and live in London, you won’t hesitate to explore studying here. Find out more about the benefits of this exciting destination:

World-class education

A British education is globally established as prestigious, and employers hold qualifications from schools in the UK in high regard. London has the highest concentration of universities within Europe, many of which offer exciting, enterprising study experiences like the University of Huddersfield - London.

International city

Globally influential and financially important, London draws in people from all over the world. Hosting approximately 21 million tourists in 2019, London is one of the most internationally-visited cities. The permanent population is also very multinational; more than 300 languages are spoken within the city’s perimeter daily.

Never be bored

A city of over 8 million citizens, London is a bustling hub of excitement with new experiences around every corner. With world-class theatre, shopping, dining and live music all on offer, you’ll never run out of new things to try or fun things to do. London’s nightlife is another major highlight of the city, offering something for everyone.


Another benefit of the city’s huge, multicultural population is the opportunity to meet potential business contacts. London is famously home to the headquarters of many internationally successful businesses, such as Unilever, GlaxoSmithKline, BP and HSBC. Building your network here could lead to potential internships or employment positions later on.

Culture, museums, art

Culturally, London has a vibrant and ever-changing landscape. The city benefits from influences from all corners of the world, which is visibly reflected across the city through numerous art galleries and shows. London is also a city rich with history, which is documented in many of the city’s impressive museums.

Central travel hub

The historical transport network in London, consisting of overground and underground train networks, bus routes and a cycle hire system, is an integral part of the city’s infrastructure. The city’s Oyster cards, contactless, prepaid travel cards that can easily be topped up, make travelling in the city seamless.


As an international hub, all kinds of cuisine have found their way to London’s streets. Culinary cultures that can be found here include Indian, Japanese, Chinese, Carribean and Italian food, to name a few. Many examples of these can be found in the city’s historically famous markets, such as Borough Market, Spitalfields and Camden Lock’s West Yard.

Green spaces

The city has many beautiful outdoor spaces, most notably the eight Royal Parks of London. These public parks, originally owned by the country’s monarchy, were preserved as open spaces for the community to enjoy, and often host inner-city events like music and comedy festivals.

Perfect place to start your career

With London’s reputation as a major European business hub, it is a great place to take the first step in your career. Housing the offices of many large global companies from a variety of industries, London offers many career opportunities to young, aspiring professionals. With the new Graduate Immigration Route, which you can access with your valid Student visa, you will also have the option to work in the UK after finishing your degree.

Study your master’s degree at University of Huddersfield - London

With all the great reasons to study abroad in London, why not make the most of your university education in this lively, thriving city? Students here can hone their employability with degrees in finance and business, and have the experience of a lifetime by becoming a part of our bustling, multicultural community based in the heart of the city. Find out more about studying one of the dynamic, enterprising postgraduate degrees on offer at University of Huddersfield - London now.