What can you do with an accounting degree?

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As a subject that can lead to careers in the finance industry, a degree in accounting and finance will teach you important, applicable skills that will ensure you are successful in your career.

What jobs can you get with an accounting degree?

Accounting is a degree in which you will gain many skills that will help you succeed in a variety of different careers, such as:

Chartered accountant

A career in chartered accountancy offers a solid, prestigious career title with good progression and high earning potential. As a chartered accountant you could be responsible for advising clients, auditing accounts and providing trustworthy information about financial records.


Stockbrokers are in the business of buying and selling stocks and shares on behalf of private and commercial clients to earn commission. In this role, you would manage and advise on your clients' investments, acting as an intermediary between them and the stock exchange.

External auditor

As an external auditor, your responsibility would be to examine a business’ financial records and give feedback and financial advice. You can do this internally or externally, but the latter will work with businesses of all types and sizes to help them achieve their performance potential.

Other careers you can access with an accounting degree

As well as these, jobs that are directly linked to an accounting degree include:

  • Chartered public finance accountant
  • Company secretary
  • Forensic accountant

Careers related to an accounting degree

Additionally, roles in which an accounting degree would be useful could include:

  • Data analyst
  • Economist
  • Management consultant
  • Mortgage adviser
  • Retail banker
  • Tax adviser

Postgraduate opportunities

Upon completing an undergraduate degree in accounting, you can go straight into a job or choose to better your employability with alternative postgraduate options. These include further study in both university or alongside a career role.

There are many benefits of postgraduate study - you can improve your career skills and increase your industry knowledge, as well as gaining exposure to new academic topics. An effective way to progress in your current career path, postgraduate degrees are great for improving your employability and gaining access to higher salary-level employment. Equally, you may want to study a second degree to develop a personal interest or enter into a particular profession.

In a competitive job market, having a postgraduate degree will automatically make you stand out to employers as an impressive candidate, thus making you seem more employable and appealing. If you are interested in doing a postgraduate degree read more about studying Accounting and Finance MSc at the University of Huddersfield - London.

Skills you will gain from studying an accounting degree

As previously mentioned, you will learn and develop numerous skills by studying an accounting degree. Some of these skills include:

Practical mathematical skills

Useful in many career paths, mathematical ability is the greatest focus of an accounting degree. During your studies, you will benefit from honing your natural numerical abilities.

Analytical thinking

Your ability to assess situations and solve problems in an analytical manner will be tested and improved upon throughout your degree as you work to complex assignment briefs.

Communication skills

Throughout your degree, you will constantly be improving your communication skills and expanding your vocabulary as you learn more about the finance industry and accounting.

Debating with confidence

As well as being able to communicate effectively, you will be pushed to participate in class debates around different financial topics.

Time management skills

As with all university degrees, you will learn to manage your time efficiently as you balance work and life to meet deadlines and excel in your studies.

Knowledge of global business issues

The topics you study within this degree will expose you to international business news and financial trends, not to mention industry practices and global politics.


The world of accounting and finance is very business-centric, and most degrees in this field cater to this by incorporating modules in which you will need to think entrepreneurially.

Enhanced skills you can gain from studying an MSc in Accounting

Studying a postgraduate degree in the subject will further prepare you for a successful career in accounting and finance with improved professional skills, including:

  • Improved numerical and quantitative skills
  • Developing your critical understanding of the internationalisation of accounting and specific aspects of corporate finance
  • Higher level accounting skills
  • An in-depth understanding of business and better corporate knowledge

How can I develop my career in accounting?

If you have already studied an undergraduate degree, and are keen to progress in your accounting career, but unsure of what steps to take next, don’t worry. You can read about all the steps you can take to further your career here.


Further university study is a good route to progression in many professions, and if you want to work in the finance industry, you can access many career opportunities with an accounting postgraduate degree. An MSc in Accounting and Finance will allow you to hone your professional skills that will greatly contribute to your professional success, as well as preparing you to take the next step in your career.


As a way of gaining working experience as a newly-graduated individual, internships are a great way to get your foot in the door and build business knowledge. This can also be a viable option if you want to explore your job options within the finance industry - internships are often offered as fixed-term contracts, meaning you can spend a finite amount of time in the role before deciding whether that company or sector is right for you.

Other qualifications

Many accountancy companies will encourage their employees to study for further professional qualifications that will aid them in their work and improve their industry knowledge. These roles may require you to obtain the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA), Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) or Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT) qualifications.

Study in the UK

The benefits of studying an accounting degree at a British university are numerous - from prestigious education standards to an enterprising study experience. Additionally, the UK’s multicultural capital city, London, is one of the biggest and most business-centric cities in the world, and offers students vast employment opportunities as well as a unique, vibrant student lifestyle. Find out more about why you should study accounting in the UK below.

Work while you study

With your Student visa, you will have the option to work alongside your pathway programme. The purpose of the Student visa is for students to come to the UK to study, so if you wish to work, it must be to gain work experience in your field of study. This will improve your career prospects and aid your employability by bolstering your CV and giving you relevant experience ahead of applying for full-time roles.

Work after study

Once you complete your studies at a British university, you can also begin your career here with the new Graduate Immigration Route. This post-study work visa is valid for international students enrolled after autumn 2020 for two years after their graduation, and can open many doors in your career. To find out more about the opportunities you could gain after studying in the UK, take a look at our Working in the UK page.

Career opportunities

Another benefit of being a student in the UK are the employment opportunities - with so many globally successful businesses based in the country, internships and graduate schemes are especially prevalent here. Additionally, it can give you the chance to build your business network, by exposing you to a thriving hub of economic industry professionals and potentially opening your world up to exciting accounting prospects.

Gain international experience and learn a foreign language

Studying abroad is a fantastic way to experience a brand new lifestyle and immerse yourself in a different culture, especially when based in larger cities like London or Manchester. Part of the benefit of this is being able to improve your English, by studying and working in the language. The University of Huddersfield - London, based in the buzzing British capital, offers students the opportunity to make the most of studying in the UK.

If you are looking to study a masters degree in the UK and would like more information about the Accounting and Finance course at the University of Huddersfield - London, please contact us today.