What can you do with an international business degree?

04 June 2021

Thanks to the increasing use of global technologies and a growing network of supply chains, modern businesses are no longer restricted by national borders. Studying international business will allow you to gain an understanding of the laws that govern cross-border activities. An international undergraduate or postgraduate business degree will also teach you many transferable skills, allow you to progress to further study, and open up many exciting career opportunities in a range of industries.

What jobs can you get with a degree in international business?

Graduates with a degree in international business can enter many fields. Here are several examples:

Financial analyst

Primarily office-based, financial analysts serve as a guide to companies and individuals. They help them make financial decisions based on data analysis. Financial analysts recommend investments, maintain client portfolios, evaluate historical and current financial data, and prepare detailed reports.


Stockbrokers are professional traders who purchase and sell company shares on their clients’ behalf. They are sometimes also known as investment advisors or registered representatives – they handle transactions and are sometimes paid on a commission basis. While many buy and sell orders are made through electronic software, many institutions and individuals still prefer to use full-service brokers who also offer management services.

Product manager

Product managers assess the needs of customers and product or features’ objectives, plan how to achieve success with their product or feature, and manage a team to bring the vision to fruition. To understand a potential customer’s needs, a product manager will monitor the market, develop a competitive analysis, and use this data to plan their own products.

Jobs where an international business degree would be useful:

  • Economist
  • Consultant foreign exchange trader
  • Foreign service officer
  • Trade specialist
  • Import/export coordinator
  • Lawyer
  • Marketing manager
  • Public relations specialist
  • Advertising executive
  • Human resources/human capital management

Postgraduate opportunities

Master’s in International Business

A degree in international business will provide the perfect stepping stone to your International Business MSc programme at University of Huddersfield - London. This Master’s will enable you to gain an in-depth knowledge of the rapidly changing and vibrant international environment. You’ll study modules such as The Context of International Business, The Global Professional, Research Methods and The Strategy of International Business. You could also choose to study a range of modules from International Finance and Leading, Managing and Developing People to Modern Banking. Completing the International Business MSc at the University of Huddersfield - London will give you a competitive edge when it comes to job seeking and could provide the opportunity for you to enter the industry.


Internships are a great way to learn about an industry and job role. You will be working in the real world, learning about and carrying out some of the tasks that you will be employed to do after you graduate. Internships are also a good opportunity to expand your professional networks. Sometimes, employers offer jobs to their interns upon completion of their degrees.

Work in the UK after graduation

Launch your career in the UK with the new Graduate Immigration Route. This is a two-year post-study work visa for international students graduating from UK universities including University of Huddersfield - London.

Skills you will gain from an international business degree

  • Problem-solvingAn international business degree will enable you to develop your problem-solving skills. You will have to familiarise yourself with new places, speak in different languages, and communicate with people from many backgrounds and walks of life.
  • Decision makingYour degree will teach you how to make sound business decisions based on many criteria.
  • Communication – You’ll have many opportunities to work on your communication skills, though presentations, written exercises and collaboration.
  • Self-reliance and initiative - Knowing yourself and your interests is important for both your professional and personal life.
  • Project managementAn international business degree will equip you with a high standard of project management skills. These are useful – if not vital – when entering many industries and job roles.
  • Critical thinkingThe ability to critically evaluate challenges, innovate and reframe problems are some of the most useful skills you will gain.

How can I start a career in international business?

Starting a career in international business will require the following steps:

International business degree – First, study a three or four-year undergraduate programme. A bachelor's degree will cover business topics in detail and allow you to develop cross-cultural competencies in communication.

Internships – Some undergraduate courses allow you to undertake internships while you study. Others encourage you to find a work placement over the summer holidays. Most internships will offer a wide range of experiences and allow you to work directly with a multitude of businesses, from consulting firms to shipping companies to banks. Tasks may include organising events, analysing data, updating reports, being an active participant in meetings, and the management of budgets.

Master’s in international business – Many global roles prefer and often require advanced degrees. A postgraduate degree in international business will prepare you for the world of work. You will also gain networking experience, allowing you to access the best job opportunities once you graduate.

Why study in the UK?

Work while you study

If you’re considering a future in business, there aren't many locations better to start the journey than in London, UK. London is a business and economic hub with many global companies having headquarters or offices there. The UK also has a strong heritage of entrepreneurship and ingenuity – it encourages innovation. While studying in London, you’ll have the opportunity to network with some of the top business professionals in the world. You can work for up to 20 hours per week while you study in the UK.

Work after you study

International business graduates go on to work in many types of businesses including banks, consultancy firms, recruitment agencies, and technology companies. As these global prospects are often based in large cities, London offers a huge number of vacancies for new graduates.

Career opportunities

UK degrees are internationally recognised and respected, improving your career chances either in London or anywhere around the world. International business studies will teach you about world societies and cultures. Combining this knowledge with other managerial skills will allow you to stand out on the job market.

Gain international experience and learn a foreign language

Studying abroad in the UK will give you international experience and will allow you to enhance your English language skills.

The University of Huddersfield – London offers a Master’s in International Business. Based in London, and with a strong focus on employability, it is the perfect place for prospective business postgraduates to hone their skills ready to launch their careers.