Why study a Master’s degree?

12 March 2021
 Students at University of Huddersfield - London

A Master’s degree is an impressive and valuable qualification, and there are many benefits to having a Master’s degree in your chosen subject. Whether you would like to increase your earning potential, network with professionals in your field, or improve your specialist knowledge, studying for a Master’s degree at University of Huddersfield - London could be the best decision you’ll ever make.

Reasons to study a Master’s degree?

Personal development

Postgraduate courses usually involve a higher level of independent learning than undergraduate degree programmes. As a result, Master’s students develop a range of skills such as time-management, independence and self-motivation. Meeting and working with other students and academics from around the world will develop your communication and collaboration skills. This personal development is a major advantage of having a Master’s degree, and will be valuable for all areas of your professional and personal life.

Earn more money

Of all the benefits of a Master’s degree, increased earning potential is an attractive bonus. By studying for a Master’s degree, you are investing in your financial future as postgraduates tend to earn substantially more than their undergraduate colleagues. Studying a postgraduate course will give you the experience to apply for higher paying roles. A 2020 report by the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) suggests that postgraduates earn on average 18% more than first degree holders, six months after graduation.

Academic recognition

Earning a postgraduate degree can open up opportunities into higher education employment. With a master’s degree, you can get qualified to teach in your subject area at a university either part or full-time. Many postgraduates find part-time teaching to be a great way to constantly update their knowledge in their field and develop their experience, while earning extra money.

Specialist knowledge

Another key benefit of a master’s degree is acquiring specialist knowledge. Studying for a postgraduate qualification gives you a deeper understanding of your chosen subject. While a Bachelor’s degree gives you a good overview, a Master’s allows you to specialise and follow your specific areas of interest. Consequently, a job seeker with a postgraduate degree will have more credibility among employers.


Studying for a Master’s degree is also a great opportunity to build your professional networks. You’ll meet fellow postgraduate students from all around the world, allowing you to make contacts in many different countries. Furthermore, you’ll have regular contact with academics within your chosen industry, many of whom are accomplished professionals as well as researchers or lecturers. During your studies, you’ll get to know faculty members, business experts and guest speakers, and these contacts will be invaluable after graduation when you start looking for a job.

Career prospects

UK postgraduate qualifications are highly regarded by employers both in the UK and around the world, and a Master’s degree can significantly raise your chances of employment.

Postgraduates are also more likely to secure jobs in professional or managerial roles. There are some jobs that require a Master’s degree, for example a lawyer or clinical psychologist. For many other jobs, a postgraduate qualification is advantageous, if not essential.

Having a relevant postgraduate qualification could make you stand out in a competitive job market. It could also lead to faster career progression in your chosen field as it will not only equip you with a deeper knowledge of your industry, it’ll also show your determination to improve your abilities.

Prepare for a PhD

Another top benefit of having a Master’s degree is that you can apply for PhD programmes.

A PhD is the highest available student qualification and to be accepted onto a programme, you will usually need a Master’s degree. The reason for this is that Master’s degree study allows students to obtain the in-depth knowledge about a particular subject area that is needed to undertake a demanding doctoral programme. Your time studying for your Master’s will also allow you to make contacts within your academic field and prepare for PhD study.

Why study a Master’s degree in London?

World-class education

Studying in London will equip you with a world-class education. Many globally ranked universities are based in the U.K – a major reason why so many students choose to study here. University of Huddersfield - London has high standards of academic practice. A Master’s degree obtained in London is highly respected around the world, which will make you an attractive candidate for any business.

International city

London is a multicultural, diverse city. You will find people of different nationalities and cultures living alongside each other in London. As a city that embraces and celebrates difference, London is an exciting and active place to call home.

Business opportunities

 London is an optimistic, commercially driven city and students here can reap the benefits. Many successful, world leading companies are based or have offices in the city, making London the perfect place to take advantage of the plentiful available business opportunities.


You will find some of the world’s most successful intellects and businesspeople living and working in London. If you make the most of the many opportunities that London offers, you can connect with prospective employers, business partners and peers. This vibrant, diverse city is a great place to meet people and build your professional networks.

London is a world-class city in which to start your career, and taking advantage of networking opportunities while studying for your Master’s degree could help to launch your career upon graduation.

Study a Master's degree in London for international students

If you study for your Master’s degree in London, you will benefit from the University of Huddersfield’s excellent reputation in teaching quality and employability success, but with all the opportunities that London has to offer.

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