Why study international business

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Why study a Master’s degree in international business?

Gain an international perspective

Being open-minded and understanding how people do business in other parts of the world is essential to be successful in business. Being able to see the big picture in an increasingly globalised world will help you get ahead. Knowledge of other cultures and customs will also help you do business in the future. Business is all about making connections and your networking experience and advanced communication skills will make you a valuable asset in this area.

Build highly sought-after transferable skills

As well as giving you advanced business knowledge, a postgraduate business degree will also boost your employability by helping you build skills useful in any industry. You will enhance your critical thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as learning how to negotiate and make important decisions under pressure. Perhaps the most important of all, having good communication skills is key in business, but also in any career you may choose in the future.

Advanced business knowledge

A Master’s degree lets you build on the foundation you have from your undergraduate degree, giving you an in-depth knowledge of business, and allowing you to explore your personal interests further. This extra understanding will help you stand out to future employers.

Understand the new normal

All successful modern businesses are international. Trading in countries around the world, and having bases in as many different places as possible, opens up new possibilities. Having a broad knowledge of business and the benefits of internationalisation will make you a valuable acquisition for any business.

Become more employable

As an international business graduate, you will have a range of career options and a good starting salary. You could work in international finance, consultancy, a non-profit organisation, or even start your own business. Other job options include:

  • business analyst
  • human resources officer
  • marketing executive
  • procurement manager
  • product manager.

Why study international business in the UK?

London is a business hub

The UK’s capital city has long been one of the global centres of business and many Fortune 500 companies have offices here. Study business in London and gain access to internships and postgraduate work opportunities that will help you stand out from the crowd.

Improve your English language

Studying in an English-speaking country is the best way to perfect your English. Immersing yourself in day-to-day chat and talking to native speakers will mean that you have a good knowledge of what is not in the textbooks. English is sometimes known as the ‘language of business’, so being able to speak it well will be a great benefit to you.

Study alongside other international students

You will be surrounded by international students as you learn. You will meet people with the same interests as you, all ambitious to learn about other cultures and to be successful in the world of business. Good businesspeople know the markets and the customs of the places they will be trading in, and you can find out about other countries from the people who have lived there. You can also make lifelong friendships and business contacts.

Benefit from graduate opportunities

Start your career in the UK with the new Graduate Immigration Route – a 2-year post-study work visa for international students graduating from UK universities. If you begin your studies after autumn 2021, you’ll be able to work for up to two years after graduating with your valid Student visa. The networking practice and interview support you receive during your programme will mean you are ready to enter the world of work when you graduate.

How to study international business in the UK

The University of Huddersfield – London offers a Master’s in International Business. Based in the UK’s capital city, and with a heavy focus on employability, it is the perfect place for postgraduates to sharpen their skills ahead of starting their careers. Learn from tutors with first-hand experience of business and undertake practical – as well as theoretical – learning.

Find out more about the programme here.