Prepare to study

We will get you to where you want to be

Our aim is to get you to where you want to be, starting your Master’s programme on campus in January 2022.

Studying with us in 2022 is about putting your education first. It is your time to learn, to develop and to be ready for the world. By starting your Master’s degree now, you can look forward to standing out from the crowd in today’s competitive job market. Whether your goal is to start your own business, work for an NGO or something in between, this is your future.

Join us on campus

When you join us on campus, you can expect:

  • Face-to-face learning
  • Experienced teachers and support staff
  • One-to-one support at every stage
  • Additional health and safety measures

We're looking forward to welcoming you

We are really looking forward to welcoming you to the University of Huddersfield - London. You can look forward to a safe and inclusive learning experience with enhanced health and safety measures and a supportive community of international students and expert staff.

Here to support you

From visa application through to booking accommodation, you’ll be fully supported by our dedicated team every step of the way. We’ll support you with:

  • What to pack
  • Planning for your arrival
  • Visa
  • Accommodation
  • How to make the most of your time with us

Studying on campus

The University of Huddersfield - London is open for you to begin your face-to-face studies at the start of your course. You will also receive one-to-one support, giving you help and guidance every step of the way.

Keeping you safe

Safety principles include:

  • Wearing face coverings is encouraged around all our buildings
  • Hand sanitiser stations
  • Enhanced cleaning and sterilising measures
  • One-way systems and signage to manage the flow of people around campus
  • Smaller class sizes to enable social distancing
  • Additional support for vulnerable students or those with special requirements

Frequently asked questions on joining us on campus

Question Answer
How can I guard against fraud?

From time to time, scammers may specifically target international students by pretending to be the Police, Visa issuing authorities, education agents or other regulatory bodies. It is important to be able to recognise common signs of fraudulent activity and know what to do if you come across it. The best way to protect yourself from any kind of fraud is to protect your passwords, regularly update your devices with the most up to date security software and never share your bank details or transfer money to an account you don’t recognise.

Make sure you tell a teacher or a member of student services team if you receive a suspicious message or phone call, or if you have any concerns about fraudulent activity. It is important that you let us know as soon as possible so that we can help to protect you and other international students in case they are targeted in the same way.

What facilities are available on campus?

Modern classrooms, internet suite, cafeteria.

What should I do if I need support when I arrive in the UK?

We’ll ensure that you have all the information and support you need ahead of your move to the UK. We will provide you with tailored information to prepare you for your journey; including information about what to pack, planning for your arrival, and how to make the most of your time at the University of Huddersfield - London.

If you need help with anything when you arrive, you can call the University of Huddersfield - London Emergency Contact number for support: +44(0)7826945809.

What should I do if I am in the UK and I need health advice or welfare support?

If you show the symptoms of COVID-19 then you should follow official UK medical advice. You should also contact the University of Huddersfield - London for further information.

View the government’s advice on what to do if you are displaying symptoms of the coronavirus.

What if I need to quarantine on arrival?

Before you travel, you should check to see if you need to quarantine when you arrive into the UK. You will not be able to leave your accommodation during quarantine so it's important that you are prepared.

As your induction week will be taking place face-to-face on, you should allow sufficient time to quarantine in your accommodation before the start of your induction week.

If you are in Study Group managed accommodation, support will be provided by the University of Huddersfield - London, to assist you to remain in your student accommodation during your quarantine period. If you have queries, please contact your Campus for assistance.

If you are staying in privately arranged accommodation, it may not be fully equipped for your two weeks, so before you travel, you should make plans to ensure you have what you need including bedding, kitchen equipment and food. If you are unable to bring any of this with you, there are websites available where you can pre-order the items you need.

For bedding and kitchen equipment:

  • Gailarde
  • Uni Kit Out

You can order healthy food directly from supermarkets. Make sure that you check your accommodation address on their website ensure that they deliver to your area:

  • Sainsbury's
  • Tesco
  • Morrison's
  • Asda

If you cannot wait for your food delivery, and would like a takeaway, the delivery services below operate in most areas of the UK:

  • Just Eat
  • Deliveroo

Finally, consider some entertainment to keep you busy, active and happy during your 14 days. You can always bring a couple of good books or consider an online streaming service for films and TV but remember to do this before you arrive as some companies do not accept non-UK bank accounts or credit cards for payment.

Staying at home for a long time can be difficult. If you are struggling, the staff at the University of Huddersfield - London will be there for you if you need any help.

What if I start or enrol late on my course?

You may be required to quarantine upon arrival in the UK. Your induction week will be face-to-face, therefore you should arrive with sufficient time to quarantine beforehand.

What happens during Induction Week?

Our Induction Week programme will introduce you to your Campus, our staff, and welfare and support services. You will also receive full guidance on maintaining your health and safety whilst studying in the UK.

You will find out about your timetable, as well as important information about how we deliver your course. There will also be events to help you get to know your fellow students. 

Information you need before you arrive

As a new student joining us at the University of Huddersfield - London, you may have some questions about what it's like to live and study in the UK.

You should arrive at the Campus (Bounty House, Greenwich, London SE8 3DE) ready to start your Induction Programme.

Download and complete your pre-arrival form to make sure your arrival is as smooth as possible.

  • Your first week

    During your first week with us, we organise events and activities to help you settle in. This is called ‘induction’. This includes practical things like registering for a doctor as well as a tour of the campus, town and activities to help you make friends.

  • Find out about visas

    When you confirm an offer at the University of Huddersfield- London, the next step for most students is to apply for a visa.

    Depending on the course you are applying for, and your country of residence, there are different visas you can apply for. Take the UK visas questionnaire to find out which type of visa you need.

  • How will I meet people and make friends?

    It won’t take you long before you are accustomed to your life here and have made new friends. To help you settle in, we will organise events to help you meet your course mates and build friendships.

  • What is it like to live in the UK?

    We know that moving to a different country to study is exciting, but it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous too. We will do all we can to help you settle in to living in the UK. To get an insight into what you can expect from life in the UK, visit Education UK from the British Council.

  • Will I be able to find food from my home country?

    London has great food and amazing markets. You will never run out of restaurants and cafés to spend time in. Borough Market is near London Bridge and you'll find fresh produce and live cooking demonstrations. Closer to the College, Greenwich Market is open daily with delicious food stalls, as well as fashion, crafts and antiques.