Terms and Conditions


In the information provided below, ‘Study Group’, ‘we’ or ‘us’ means Study Group Limited. Study Group will be delivering University of Huddersfield degree programmes through a collaborative arrangement at Study Group’s London Campus under the name ‘University of Huddersfield – London’. It is incorporated in England and Wales (Company number 02325576) with its registered office at 21 Station Street, Brighton, BN1 4DE. References to the ‘University’ are to the University of Huddersfield, whose administrative offices are at Queensgate, Huddersfield, HD1 3DH.

Key facts relating to your enrolment on a taught course with the University of Huddersfield

When you enrol or re-register as a student with us, you will become a registered student of the University and will be asked to confirm that you agree to follow the University’s regulations, policies and procedures which along with your course details form your student contract with the University.

By enrolling or re-registering with us, you are deemed to have accepted these regulations, procedures, policies and the details of your course.

The University is committed to supporting you through your studies. We have highlighted below those regulations and policies that you will be expected to follow and are the most likely to affect your studies. It is important for you to become familiar with the information listed below. The University reviews its regulations annually with any changes being highlighted.

If you would like to obtain direct support on any of the information below, you should contact studentserviceslondon@studygroup.com


Penalties may apply to students who fail to reregister during the official reregistration period. If you fail to reregister by the deadlines established, you will lose access to the University IT Systems, including your e-mail account and may also be withdrawn.

Attendance Monitoring

You will get the best out of your course if you engage with and attend your timetabled sessions. Failure to attend classes, without good reason, could result in you being withdrawn from the University. Any behaviour found to be an intentional abuse of the Attendance Monitoring Regulations may result in disciplinary action under the University’s Disciplinary procedures.


The University is a community and how you and staff interact with each other, whether in person or online, can affect our environment and your achievement. The University has a community code of conduct which highlights the expectations of you as a student and if you breach the code of conduct, you will be subject to disciplinary proceedings which could result in serious penalties being applied.


In order to comply with government guidance around the management of Covid-19, the University may need to apply social distancing and additional hygiene measures to promote the safety of students and staff. If you breach these requirements, you will be subject to disciplinary proceedings which could result in serious penalties being applied.

Tuition Fees and Student Finance

It is very important that you follow the Financial Regulations for students and ensure your fees are paid on time otherwise we may refer your debt to our external debt collectors and you may incur further charges or you may be withdrawn from your course.

Course Deposits & Refunds

You will need to provide a tuition fee deposit if this is set out in your payment plan before you can be be enrolled on to your course. However, if you're unable to attend due to coronavirus, you'll receive a full refund of your deposit.

Payment of Tuition Fees

You should pay your tuition fees when you enrol. You can either pay the fees yourself or provide us with evidence that your fees (in part or in full) will be paid by a sponsor. This sponsor must be one which we recognise as acceptable, for example, your employer or your government embassy.

If we do not consider your proposed sponsor acceptable, you will be required to pay your fees in the first instance. When we receive payment from your sponsor, we will reimburse you directly for the fees you have paid.

If your bank refuses payment when your fees are requested, we reserve the right to withdraw you from your course with immediate effect.

In certain circumstances, payment by instalment can be accepted. For Overseas Students, instalments can only be paid as set out below:

  • For courses starting in September: 50% prior to enrolment* and 50% by 31 January.
  • For courses starting in January: 50% prior to enrolment and 50% by 31 May.

If you do not pay the minimum of 50% of the full tuition fee or provide proof of acceptable sponsorship, you will not be permitted to enrol. If you do not comply with the payment terms, as set out above, or with requests for payment reminders, you will not be permitted to access your account with Computing and Library Services. This means you will not have access to your university email account or other online facilities including the virtual learning environment.

* This is usually met as part of the deposit condition. If your condition is to pay less than 50%, or you incur any bank charges when making the payment, the remaining balance of the 50% must be paid prior to enrolment.

Tuition Fee Refunds

If you are required to pay tuition fees and you withdraw or interrupt your studies during the year, you will be charged a proportion of the tuition fee for your course. The amount charged will depend on when you originally enrolled and when you withdraw or suspend. For students leaving in:

  • First month – no charge;
  • Term 1 – 25% of fees*;
  • Term 2 – 50% of fees;
  • Term 3 – 100% of fees.

* If you are an overseas student who has paid a non-refundable deposit and you leave in Term 1, the non-refundable deposit will be lost. If you are an overseas student leaving in Term 2 or Term 3, the above tariff will apply.

Academic Misconduct

The University takes academic misconduct very seriously and the Taught Students’ Handbook contains the rules on how you are expected to behave when you are being examined or assessed and the consequences if you breach the academic misconduct regulations.

Extenuating Circumstances

The University understands that sometimes your performance will be affected by things outside of your control and our regulations contain the procedures you must follow to declare extenuating circumstances.

Appealing a Result

The University has strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that decisions about student progression, assessment and award are made in a way which is fair and equitable. If you believe the marks or classification you received on a published results date should be reconsidered then you may submit an appeal.

Complaints post-registration

As part of the University’s commitment to you, it recognises that there may be occasions where you may have a valid complaint. If you wish to make a complaint at any time, in the first instance you should refer the issue to us and we will discuss the problem with you and attempt to resolve it in accordance with the University’s Student Complaints Procedure. If we are not able to resolve an issue in this way, your complaint should be referred to the University, via email to the Designated Academic Liaison Officer, and it will enter the procedure at the formal stage. For more information, please refer here.

Should you wish to make a complaint about the application or admissions process, please see the Applicant Complaints section.

Interruption or withdrawal from your studies

An interruption of or withdrawal from study is the formal procedure which allows you to request a break from your studies in your current academic year or to withdraw completely.

Other Policies and Procedures

In addition to the regulations referred to above, you should familiarise yourself with the following policies, which all apply to your studies at the University:

  1. Data Protection – this sets out how your personal data should be processed by members of the University in order to be compliant with data protection legislation.
  2. Student Privacy Notice – this sets out how the University of Huddersfield processes personal data and who it shares your Information with. This should be read in conjunction with Study Group’s Student Privacy Notice.
  3. Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy – this document sets out our commitment to the promotion of equality of opportunity at the University of Huddersfield.
  4. Freedom of Speech and External Speakers Policy – this policy protects your right to express an academic opinion and sets out the rules for speakers coming on to campus.
  5. Health and Safety Policy – sets out how you can ensure you study in a safe and secure manner.
  6. Intellectual Property Policy – sets out who will own the Intellectual Property Rights in your work.
  7. Research Ethics and Integrity Policy – sets out your responsibilities to ensure any research you undertake is carried out in an ethical manner and is properly approved.
  8. Safeguarding Policy – sets out your responsibilities in relation to vulnerable members of the University community.
  9. Whistleblowing Policy – sets out the procedure to follow if you wish to draw attention to any wrongdoing.
  10. Social Media and Communications Policy – sets out your responsibilities when using social media which directly or indirectly represents or refers to the University, its staff, students and partners.
  11. Proof Reading Policy – you are advised to read this policy if you are considering using proof-reading services in connection with assessed work.
  12. Student Protection Plan – sets out a summary of the policies and procedures which the University has put in place to ensure the continuity and quality of your study from enrolment to completion of your studies.
  13. Computing Facilities Policy – sets out our expectations when using the University’s computing facilities
  14. IT Security Policy – set outs how the University handles IT Security and what actions will be taken if that is breached
  15. Personal Academic Tutoring Policy - This document sets out the expectations of the University for PATs in order to ensure equitable treatment of our students
  16. Policy on Support for Pregnant Students and New Parents – This document sets out how the University will support new parents and pregnant students
  17. Student Contract Terms and Conditions - This document sets out the terms and conditions on which the University supplies services to students.

Other Key Information


Should you decide to book accommodation through us, additional charges may also be made for such items as accommodation security deposits, bedding packs and accommodation-specific insurance. You will be advised of these charges under a separate accommodation agreement at the time of booking. Residential accommodation is subject to availability and early confirmation is advised. For more information on accommodation during your period of study, please contact: londonhud.CSS@studygroup.com

For accommodation cancellations and refunds, individual tenancy agreements take precedence over the Accommodation Refund Policy below:

View the full Accommodation Refund Policy

Personal insurance

Accident and Medical insurance

We strongly recommend that all students have appropriate accident and medical insurance for the duration of their study in the UK. Depending on the policy, insurance may cover otherwise non-refundable course fees in the event of cancellation. You may either take out our StudyCare Insurance Plus policy or cover with an alternative provider. Further information about StudyCare Insurance Plus can be found at the following link: http://www.studygroup.com/land/studycare. Cover under the StudyCare Insurance Plus policy will not commence until the insurance fees have been paid in full. Should you cancel your course, you will also need to notify us that you wish to cancel your insurance policy.

Personal belongings and contents insurance

While we take all reasonable precautions to ensure the safety and security of students on campus we cannot accept responsibility for loss or damage to students’ personal property. All students are, therefore, strongly advised to take out a contents insurance policy.

Accounts procedures


Payment can be made to us using a number of payment options via our payment platform. Access to this platform can be found on the How to Pay page using your unique student access code.

Please note that we are NOT able to accept cash payments for fees. Cash payments may only be made to cover sundry charges that may arise during your course of study.

If you choose to pay in your local currency a foreign exchange rate will apply. The applicable exchange rate can be viewed online as at the time and date of the payment. Bank charges and commission for both the sending and receiving banks should be paid by the sender of funds or they will be applied to the student’s account.

Accounts communications will be sent both to you and the person responsible for paying the fees unless written instructions are received to the contrary.

Other charges

No other incidental costs will be charged to your account unless you agree to them separately. These may include, for example, field trips, text books and vacation accommodation. Fees relating to sponsor reporting and additional support classes for sponsored students are included in the tuition fees set out in your personal statement and are not charged separately.

Applicant Complaints

As part of the University’s commitment to you, it recognises that there may be occasions where you may have a valid complaint regarding the application and admissions process. If you wish to make a complaint at any time, in the first instance you should refer the issue to your Study Group admissions contact who will discuss the problem with you and attempt to resolve it in accordance with the University’s Applicant Complaints and Appeals Policy (Taught Courses). If we are not able to resolve an issue in this way, your complaint should be referred to the University, via email to the Designated Academic Liaison Officer, and it will enter the procedure at the formal stage. For more information, please refer here.

These Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings commencing after 1 December 2022.